Familiar Faces in the NFL

While watching Hard Knocks: Jets last week I noticed a few of the players looked pretty similar to celebrities/characters. Of course I then began to notice a resemblance in players on other teams as well. Here are some of my favorites:

Mark Sanchez & Adrian Grenier
This Jets quarterback bears much resemblance to Entourage tv personality Vincent Chase. Both have the same dark curly locks, facial stubble, and overall charm.

Jason Taylor & Xerxes
For those of you who aren't familiar with this version of Xerxes, he is a villain in the movie 300. While many woman swoon over this Jets linebacker, I cannot help but picture him with a million piercings and chains...

Jim Kleinsasser & Kevin Smith
If Silent Bob and Jack Black had a baby boy, he would definitely look like this Minnesota Viking.

Chris Johnson & Lil' Wayne
Long braids, big smiles, and shiny grillz make this Titan and rapper look like twins! Johnson just needs a few tattoos to make them indistinguishable.

Any other NFL look a-likes I missed that you would like to see?

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