Well Hello There

I have been writing a personal blog, Beauty and the Banker, for several months now. Over there I write about dogs and babies and every day life kind of things. But as baseball season starts to heat up I find myself writing out several posts about the Cardinals battle for first place and then deleting them. The one post I did publish didn't get the best response. Let's face it, the two worlds of girly and sports don't usually mix. So I decided to create a new place to write, where I would talk about nothing but sports.

Now before all you girly girls scramble for that little red x at the top of the screen, here me out. There will be a little something for everyone. This will not be your typical sports blog. Sometimes I will write about upcoming games and give my predictions and opinions but you know what else I plan to include? Which guys to check out. Thats right, every team has at least one guy who looks extra nice in those football/baseball pants. I will write about arrests (which will most likely sprout from the Bengals) and injuries. But I will also include facts that they don't tell you on ESPN, like what their family life is like and who they are dating (especially if it's a celebrity).

I will mostly write about baseball, football (college and pro) and basketball. Those are the sports I watch on a regular basis but I might throw in a little golf, tennis, soccer or nascar every once in a while. And you will probably hear a lot about "my" teams, which are the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, Orlando Magic, and University of Central Florida Knights.

If you are a sports fan, follow along! And if you're not? Give it a chance anyway. Who knows, you might just change your mind. And if not, you will at the very least have some knowledge you can show off to your husband/boyfriend.


  1. Woot Go cards! I'll be following!

  2. You love the Cardinals AND Tim Tebow?! Well hello my new BFF! ;) I am huge sports fan. Baseball is my fav, but I live in FL now, where football is king. Love me some football, too. And I'm married to a Gator.

    This is one blog I will be following regularly!

  3. Yay! Another Cards fan! Baseball is my fav too but as a fellow Floridian I totally agree, it's all about football here. Glad to have you as a follower!