Ups & Downs

Being a Cardinals fan has been pretty stressful lately. They have been having a pretty good season, nothing spectacular but enough to keep them fighting with the Reds for first place in their division. For all of August it has been a back and forth battle between the two teams. Up a game, down half a game, up half a game, down two games and the pattern continues. Then the brawl happened.
I wont get into the details of a certain Reds pitcher kicking like a first grader when backed into a corner or the fact that this whole thing started because a strong-willed Cardinals catcher doesn't take crap from anyone. Because that's old news. The point is, that brawl lit a fire under the Cardinals and they went on to sweep the Reds in that series.

(my husband happens to be a Reds a fan so this brought a little more joy to me than it probably should have)

After that they win the first game against the Cubs. I am thinking that we are on a roll and are just going to soar into the post season, blowing sarcastic kisses to the Reds as we leave them in the dust. And then?

Four. game. losing. streak. This is where the stressful part comes back into play. And the Reds? Yeah, they are on a four game winning streak. This is also where I insert my foot into my mouth. What do we need to do to get that fire burning again? Perhaps show the youtube video of the brawl before every game? Because that seems to be the only thing to get them riled up enough.

We all know they have the talent. Now it's time to see if the have the drive. Let's go Cardinals!

ps- Did anyone else notice Chris Carpenters butt in that photo?

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